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Make Rap Songs with our AI Rap Generator. Generate AI rap lyrics, AI rap voice and music with our advanced AI Rap Song Maker. See Examples below.

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What is the AI Rap Generator

Let's see how to make a Rap Song with AI!

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How the AI Rap Generator works


You enter a prompt to the Rap Generator

The prompt is basically a description of what you want to generate. Our AI will try to understand your topic and use that to generate the AI lyrics, album cover, and AI rap voice.


AI Rap Lyrics Maker goes to work

After receiving your prompt, the rap lyrics generator AI will go and come up with lyrics that match your information and mood.


AI Rap Maker & Random Rapper

Once again, using your provided prompt and mood, the AI rap generator will use a random rapper or the one based on your prompt and create a full random rap song.


AI Rap Voice Generator

After the AI lyrics have been generated, we will use them to record a rap voice that matches the mood, beat, and topic that you specified.

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The most realistic AI Rapper

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How to use the AI Rap Generator

AI Generated Rap Lyrics

Enter information about who you are creating the rap song for or what you want it to be about. Add as much or as little info as you want.

AI Generated Rap Voice

Our Rap Generator, using the latest in Artificial Intelligence will create lyrics, music, album cover image, and finally a fully video for you!

Watch & Share

You can generate multiple versions until you find one you like. After that just copy and share!

Popular Use Cases for the AI Rap Song Generator

Happy Birthday AI Rap Generator

Why hire a real life rapper when you can create your own custom birthday song in seconds with AI!

Freestyle Rap Lyrics Generator

Let our AI rap maker generate freestyle rap for you! No need to download or install any software.

Custom Vibes with the AI Rap Music Generator

Create your own vibes with the completely custom rap music that you create!

Create Random Rapper Generator Covers like Kanye West, Drake, and more

Have favorite rap artists that you wish request a song from? With SendFame you can create similar songs to any artist!

Lyrics to Rap with AI

First time in history, you can create a complete song just from your lyrics.

AI Rap Music Videos

After inputting your rap song idea, we will generate a full rap music video for you!

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

How does the AI Rap Generator compare to Uberduck AI?

Our AI Rap Generator uses advanced AI systems to synthesize realistic music as a way to generate rap lyrics. It harnesses advanced rap generation technology to bring your rap creations to life. Uberduck AI uses voice cloning technology which is an older method of generating rap music.

Can I generate rap lyrics for free on SendFame?

We offer a premium rap generator that allows you to generate the rap lyrics, music, album cover image, and finally a fully video for you. You can try it for free, you will be blown away by the results!

What is a rhyme generator and how is it used in your service?

A rhyme generator is a tool that helps create rhyming patterns within lyrics. Our service uses this technology to ensure that the rap lyrics generated are not only meaningful but also rhythmically aligned.

How does the AI rapper voice generator work?

The AI rapper voice generator utilizes machine learning to analyze and replicate the nuances of human rap vocals, enabling the AI to perform rap songs with realistic voice modulation.

What makes your AI rap voice generator different?

Our AI rap voice generator stands out by using state-of-the-art technology to create expressive and dynamic singing voices, tailored to the specific needs of rap and hip-hop genres.

Can I create a complete rap song with lyrics from a title?

Yes, our song lyrics generator from title feature allows you to input a title, and our AI will craft a full rap song based on the theme and mood suggested by your title.

What is the random rapper generator that is used?

Our random rappers generator is a feature that allows you to generate a random rap song for your audience. It will generate a song using a random rapper from our artificial intelligence rapper generator.