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Random Song Generator AI

Make Random Songs with our AI Song Generator. Use our AI song generator from lyrics to make AI artist voice and beat, for fun, parody, or anything else! See Examples below.

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AI song generated lyrics, beats, AI song voice, album cover, all from a single sentence!

What is the Random Song Generator

Let's see how to make a random song with AI!

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How the Random Music Generator works


You enter a prompt to the Random Song Generator

The prompt is basically a description of what you want to generate. Our AI will try to understand your topic and use that to generate the AI lyrics, album cover, and AI song voice.


AI Random Song Lyric Maker goes to work

After receiving your prompt, the song lyrics generator AI will go and come up with lyrics that match your information and mood.


AI Random Song Picker & Album Cover

Once again, using your provided prompt and mood, the AI Song generator will create an album cover image that matches what you want.


Random AI Song Voice Generator

After the AI lyrics have been generated, we will use them to record a song voice that matches the mood, beat, and topic that you specified.

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The most realistic AI Random Song Generator

Dangerously addictive and easy to use. Once you make your first song, you won't be able to stop. Guaranteed.

  • The most creative and relevant Random AI Lyrics generator

  • The only AI Random Music Maker of it's kind.

  • Full Random Song Generator. Everything from a simple prompt.

How to use the AI Random Song Generator

AI Generated Song Lyrics

Enter information about who you are creating the song for or what you want it to be about. Add as much or as little info as you want.

AI Generated Song Voice

Our Random Song Generator, using the latest in Artificial Intelligence will create lyrics, music, album cover image, and finally a fully video for you!

Watch & Share

You can generate multiple versions until you find one you like. After that just copy and share!

Popular Use Cases for the Random Song Generator

AI Birthday Song Generator

Send an unforgettable birthday wish from with a completely custom song! 🤯

Song Parody Generator with AI

Create a parody song for any topic of your choice, easily with AI!

Custom Vibes with the Random Music Generator

Create your own vibes with the completely random music that you create!

Create Random Kanye Songs with the Generator

You can create similar songs to any of your favorite artists!

Use as a Random Song Picker

Not sure what to listen to? Why not generate a completely random song from your own prompt?

Everything Else using the Song Generator AI

There is not much you cannot create using the song generator with our advanced AI. So start creating!

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email at info@sendfame.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

What is a random song generator?

A random song generator is a tool that creates completely unique songs automatically. It uses AI algorithms to generate music and lyrics without human input, offering a new way to explore musical creativity.

Can I use your service to generate random albums?

Yes, our random album generator allows you to create an entire album's worth of tracks, each with unique titles, lyrics, and music compositions, providing a full album experience from scratch.

How does the random song lyrics feature work?

Our random song lyrics feature uses advanced text generation AI to produce lyrics based on a variety of themes and styles. It generates coherent and contextually relevant song lyrics at the click of a button.

What can I do with a random music genre generator?

Our random music genre generator allows you to explore different music genres by randomly selecting a genre for you to listen to or create music in. It's a great tool for breaking out of your usual listening habits or finding inspiration for new songs.

How can I generate a song by specifying a genre?

Using our random song generator by genre, you can specify a genre of your choice, and the generator will produce a song tailored to the stylistic elements of that genre, complete with music and lyrics.

Can the song writer generator help me with professional songwriting?

Absolutely, our song writer generator is designed to assist both amateurs and professional songwriters by providing creative lyric ideas, song structures, and even complete song drafts, all of which can be fine-tuned as needed.