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Free Happy Birthday Wishes Generator

Create a Happy Birthday AI wish for everyone on your list.


Just describe the person you want to create a Happy Birthday message for. Include their name, interests, and whatever else you want to say!

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What is the Happy Birthday Generator

Let's see how the Happy Birthday Generator with name works!

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AI Birthday Generator


Generate AI Birthday Wishes

The prompt is basically a description of what you want to generate. Our AI will try to understand your topic and use that to generate the AI birthday wishes for you.


Birthday Wish Generator with Name

Besides adding the details about your loved one, you can also add their name and any other information you want to use in the AI birthday wishes.


Using the Birthday Message Generator

You can now use the birthday message generator to generate the birthday wishes for your loved one under you get the perfect message that you want to add to your birthday card or send online!


Celebrity Birthday Wishes AI

You can also use our Celebrity Birthday Wishes AI to generate the birthday wishes for celebrities. Checkout Celebrity Birthday Wishes AI for more info.

Try it now!

How to use the Happy Birthday Wish Maker

Describe the person

Enter as much information as you want about the person you want to create a Happy Birthday Wish for and let the card generator AI do the rest!

Click the 'Generate' button

This will tell our expert AI birthday card generator to create a Happy Birthday Wish for you from your instructions.

Copy & Share

You can generate multiple AI birthday message versions until you find one you like. After that just copy and share!